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Acria Public Token Distribution Event

Public Token Distribution Event details

• Where to buy: ONLY at

• 89% of ACRIA will be available to the public

• Unsold Tokens will be destroyed

Funding Goals

Soft Cap: 500k (1ACRIA = 0.075USD)

Mid Goal: 10M - bonus will decrease (1ACRIA = 0.075USD)

Funding Goal: 28.8M (1ACRIA = 0.15USD)

Token Allocations

Acria is commited to maximum decentralization. No entity should hold a large portion of Tokens to undermine the trustworthiness of the system. There are no seed investor Tokens. The goal is to have the Tokens in as many hands as possible. Other oracle solutions suffer from the problem that huge amounts of Tokens are held by the founding team and their advisors and investors. These oracle systems will never be decentralized except if the founding team, the advisors and others decide to destroy their Token treasury.